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You can now directly SUPPORT the making of the In The Footsteps of Wonhyo documentary by making a SECURE DONATION via PayPal through the Donate button on this page.

Your donations will go directly to fund part of the production and all of the post production of the film, including the editing, sound design, translation and subtitles transfer to master, tape stock, etc… Original music from Korean performers will be used on the soundtrack. The end result will be a fully produced feature length documentary.

Rewards –

…all contributors will also have their name listed among the credits of the film and on this website. All contributors will also receive a copy of the finished film.

Other Ways You Can Help

In the Footsteps of Wonhyo needs all the support it can get! You can also help us out by sharing this page with everyone you know through social networks, tweeting, blogging, and e-mail.

In The Footsteps of Wonhyo would not be possible without your support. Your contribution will ensure that Wonhyo’s teachings of compassion and reconciliation are shared with a global audience. Please accept our most heartfelt gratitude for your commitment to sharing the culture of Korea and Buddhism with the world.

Thank you again.


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