A film about those who are seeking peace in the mountain monasteries of Korea.

– IN THE FOOTSTEPS OF WONHYO – The mountains have always been a refuge and haven for the Korean people. Before the coming of Buddhism, the spirits of the mountains were worshiped. They still live on in tiny shrines on the mountains and in the native shamanism, which still flourishes in Korea. It was in … Continue reading

Day 15: Arriving at a Sacred Spot, Realizing the End is the Beginning

Post 15, Dec. 18, 2011 “When sewing clothes, a short needle is needed, and a long spear is useless. To avoid the rain, a small umbrella is needed, and a cover that spans the entire sky is useless. Therefore, small things should not be regarded as trivial. Depending on their true nature, both small and … Continue reading

Day 14: Prelude to the Cave

Post 14, Dec. 17, 2011 “One who realizes that he is in delusion is not greatly deluded, and one who realizes that he is in darkness is not in total darkness.” From Wonhyo’s work. What does it mean? Sangmin sunim woke up the three of us in our cosy little room in Magok-sa temple about … Continue reading

Day 13: Cold Walk, Sharp Mind on the Road to Magok-sa

Post 13, Dec. 13, 2011 “Wisdom and Practice are like the two wheels of a cart. To benefit oneself and benefit others – these are like the two wings of a bird.” From Wonhyo’s work. Is it more important to benefit others rather than oneself? In the morning after breakfast at 6.00 am the abbot … Continue reading

Day 12: Tea at the Temple of Eternal Happiness

Post 11, Dec. 15, 2011 What is the best way to live, studying and practicing in a monastery or sharing your spiritual insights with others to help them? From story of Wonhyo’s life. Sleeping in the Milano Hotel was a different experience from sleeping in temples and I began to realize how much I enjoyed … Continue reading

Day 11: Taking Care of the Body in Suanbo

Post 11, Dec. 14, 2011 “Who would not wish to dwell in the mountains and cultivate the mind? And yet you cannot do so, because you are enslaved to desire.” Quote from Wonhyo’s work. What keeps us from cultivating the mind? I woke up at 4 am to the piercing/empty tapping sound of a moukta … Continue reading

Day 10: A Journey to Find Wisdom

Post 10, Dec. 13, 2011, “Though diligent in practice, one who lacks wisdom is like one who travels west when he should go east.” Quote from Wonhyo. How do we obtain wisdom? Today we split our forces. Chris and Rhea attempted to walk the 20 miles between Youngmun-sa temple and Gimyoung-sa temple, while I, suffering … Continue reading

Day 9: The Beaming Monk of Yongmun-sa

Monday, Dec. 12, 2011 “There is no benefit in nourishing an empty body that does not cultivate the mind, and a transient and futile life is difficult to preserve however much one tends to it.” Quote from Wonhyo’s work. What is the mind? How do we cultivate it? For what purpose? We asked that question … Continue reading

Day 8: A Feast on the Side of the Road

Post 8, Dec. 11, 2011-12-11 Can pain be used as a tool to develop spiritual insight? We arrived in the little town of Nam Myon Lee about 1:45 pm hungry and tired with a steep mountain climb ahead of us. We needed a restaurant badly for food and warmth but there was none in the … Continue reading

Day 7: Cultivating the Mind and Dealing with Pain

Post 7, Saturday Dec. 10, 2011 Wonhyo encouraged people to be free of preconceptions. How can one be free of preconceptions? How do they hurt us? David, the South African member of the Wonhyo Pilgrimage, had an opportunity to put into practice some of Wonhyo’s Buddhist philosophy on the afternoon of Saturday December 10 as … Continue reading

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