Update from the trail: Pilgrimage closing ceremony

Blog Sept. 25 Pilgrimage closing ceremony By Tony MacGregor We walked up the mountain again today –six of us – to visit Wonhyo’s cave and listen to the words of Master Kim, a Taoist teacher, who is also a follower of Wonhyo. Wonhyo (617 – 686), one of Korea’s most beloved and unconventional monks, reached … Continue reading

Second trailer of the Wonhyo pilgrimage

We have made our way across Korea, and have travelled almost 250 kilometers, and it has been an epic journey so far. In this, our second trailer for the coming documentary, we have captured the serenity of the ricepaddies, the clear mind and face of a female Zen-monastic (whom is also a master of the Zen … Continue reading

In the Footsteps of Wonhyo [Trailer]

We have been on the Wonhyo Pilgrimage now for three days, making our way from Gyeongju to Pyeongtaek in honor of the 7th century monk Wonhyo, who found enlightenment at the end of his journey. 25 days of September have been dedicated to a quest of selfdiscovery, and so far we have visited three temples … Continue reading

Wonhyo and the Bodhisattva of Compassion

Professor David Mason retelling the story of Wonhyo and the Bodhisattva of Compassion. Top photo: Sangmin sunim, our humble bodhisattva of compassion.

Pilgrimage Kicks Off

The Wonhyo Pilgrimage Project kicked off last night with a traditional Korean dinner at a restaurant in Gyeongju. Nine persons attended. Professor David Mason of Kyunghee University kicked off the evening with a story about Uisang, the friend of Wonhyo, who accompanied him on his journey to enlightenment across the Korean Peninsula. It was a … Continue reading

Please Support Our Project

In the Footsteps of Wonhyo has teamed up with social funding platform IndieGoGo to drum up the necessary funds to make this pilgrimage a reality. We are aiming to raise $5000. This is to create a guidebook which can be made available to future pilgrims walking the trail. As you may expect, a project like … Continue reading

Welcome to the Wonhyo Pilgrimage Project!

Dear friends, Welcome to the Wonhyo Project! After three long years of planning and preparation we are happy to announce that in December of this year we will make an honest attempt to retrace the route Wonhyo took to China in search of enlightenment. As many of you know, Wonhyo never reached China, in fact … Continue reading

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