The Wonhyo Trail

Suggested Route for the Wonhyo Trail

Prof. David A. Mason      May 2010

NH = National Highway       PH = Provincial Highway    LR = Local Road
NP = National Park     PP = Provincial Park

First Day    ~16km
Start at Bunhwang-sa (temple strongly associated with Wonhyo) in Gyeongju, after holding ceremony there.  Walk past Bomun Lake to the road that goes N along Deokdong-cheon Stream (source of Deokdong Lake) past Amgok-dong.  Then find a pathway over the ridge of Shiru-bong (503m) to get to O-eo-sa (temple strongly associated with Wonhyo, on west end of O-eo-ji Lake).  Visit Wonhyo-am Hermitage.

OR, from Bunhwang-sa take the long way on roads:  East on NH 4 and then north on NH 14 to Gogul-am and Girim-sa, then further North on NH 14 to O-eo-sa.

2nd & 3rd Days   66 km
From O-eo-sa LR N to Yeongilman Hot-springs, then on N to S bank of the Hyeonsan-gang River, follow LR W across south Pohang City to Yangdong Village in Anyang Township.  LR N to NH 31, follow LR beside NH 31 NW to PH 921.  Take PH 921 N thru Pohang Gibok-myeon to Sangok-ri.  Then LR 68 NW about 4 km to little road-path N over the ridge to I-hyeon-ri Village valley.  Then PH 930 NE, then LR 8 N to PH 914.  PH 914 NW then N to Juwang-san NP Daejeon-sa Temple area, stay in temple /motel.

4th Day
From Daejeon-sa hike N thru Park thru Geumeun-gwang-i trail-intersection to the Dalgi Waterfall and Mineral-Spring Valley (great meals!).  Exit from the Park towards Cheongsong Town, stay at hotels.

5th Day     27 km
N then W on LR, to NH 31, then N on it to Jinbo Town.    N on NH 31 to Yeongyang Town.  Stay there.

6th Day     30 km
From Yeongyang Town, NH 31 N to PH 918.  Take PH 918 all the way NW to Cheongryang-san PP Cheongryang-sa (temple strongly associated with Wonhyo, largest temple said to have been founded by him).

7th Day     0 km
Stay two nights at Cheongryang-sa, resting and enjoying.

8th Day     18 km
Hwy 35 SW to Eunhae-ri Village, PH 928 W past Dosan Hot-springs to Nokjeon Town.

9th and 10th Days     42 km
Follow twisting PH 928 W past NH 5, Expressway 55 and NH 28 to Yecheon City.

11th Day     21 km
Follow twisting PH 928 NW thru Yongmun Town and on past Yongmun-sa Temple, to NH 59.  N on NH 59 2km to Dongro Town, stay there.

12th Day     28 km
Take PH 901 W (over north of Daeseung-sa and Kimryong-sa Temples) then SW into Mungyeong City, stay there.

13th Day   18 km
From Mungyeong City into Mungyeong PP, over the Mungyeong-Saejae Pass.   Small roads then N on NH 3 to Suanbo Hot-springs.

14th Day     24 km
PH 597 W to the Goesan Interchange of Expressway 45, then SW on NH 19 to Goesan Town, stay there.

Rest of the Days

Small roads W following NH 34 then NH 21 W thru Cheongwon-gun, Cheonan City, Yeongi-gun and Asan-shi. Following NH 21 all the way to Deoksan Hot-springs, then visit Sudeok-sa (temple strongly associated with Wonhyo) and Gaya-san Wonhyo-am, Wonhyo Cave.   North to Dangjin City.  On final day, cross the Seohae-daegyo Bridge to that Wonhyo-linked Temple in Pyeongtaek City.



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