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In the Footsteps of Wonhyo has teamed up with social funding platform IndieGoGo to drum up the necessary funds to make this pilgrimage a reality. We are aiming to raise $5000. This is to create a guidebook which can be made available to future pilgrims walking the trail. As you may expect, a project like this requires investment on our own behalf. We must pay for food and lodging, then the publishing of the book we create.

Not only will your donations go directly to covering the required costs of implementing a project like this: Planning, mapping, and the production of a guidebook but it will help ensure a bright future for the Wonhyo pilgrimage and for future pilgrims to come!


For your contributions we will send you a reward from the trail. These rewards for the corresponding donation are –


$10   – a postcard of a vintage temple posted from a remote Korean town

$25   – an 8×10 sepia photo from the trail

$50   – first edition signed copy of the Wonhyo Pilgrimage Trail Map (when produced)

$100 – a beautiful Korean calligraphy wall hanging limited edition of a phrase from Wonhyo’s teaching


…all contributors will also have their name listed amongst donations on the official Wonhyo Pilgrimage website and of course receive lots of good karma!


In The Footsteps of Wonhyo would not be possible without the support of people like you. Your contribution will ensure that we can make this pilgrimage a reality for future pilgrims to come. Please accept our most heartfelt gratitude for your commitment to sharing the culture of Korea and Buddhism with the world


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